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The Rebirth of Heartwood


Welcome to Heartwood

Thank you for visiting Heartwood’s new web page. This is a temporary page as we build out the new site. As we build we will be including the wonderful news of what Heartwood is growing into. After many conversations and heartfelt input the board of directors has determined that we would do something special for Heartwood.

Once, Heartwood taught and applied the healing arts with love, dedication, and focus, to the whole person in life changing ways. We are about to begin applying those same qualities and love to Heartwood itself and begin healing the land. We will be implementing a permaculture plan over the entire 200 acres of Heartwood. There will be weekend workshops, residential permaculture programs, internships, and more as we roll out the program.

As an important adjunct, we are also creating a culinary program to partner with the permaculture program. We will develop diets, foods, and healthier ways of eating, preparing, and distributing the food provided from our gardens. The program will provide culinary students the opportunity to learn skills from “dirt to table” by working directly with the gardeners. They will prepare food for the staff, students, interns, and visitors. Upon “graduating” from the Heartwood kitchen, the students will have the opportunity to continue their training, moving on to learning and growing within fine dining in a restaurant setting, continuing to use the bounty produced by our gardens.

We have also created an Artist in Residency program. We are still fine-tuning the process and outcomes. We will keep you updated as to application and selection process as it unfolds.

The foundation for all we do is community. As we build our teams and welcome them to join the Heartwood community, we are acting on the commitment to create an intentional community to support the work, the vision, and the mission of Heartwood and all who come to live, work, or visit with us.

We are close to completing our teams and are excited about keeping you up to date. Continue to check back here.

Questions? Check our “Contact Information” and email or call us with your questions.

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Heartwood is in the process of building an amazing team!

At this time all of our positions have been filled.

Watch for more openings soon!




June 20



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July 15-18




July 15-18






Heartwood Institute

Located at: 220 Harmony Lane Garberville, CA 95542

Phone: 707-923-5012


Directions: From the North take 101 south, suggested to fill your gas tank prior to leaving Eureka, our prices are a lil more down here.

Take your 1st Garberville exit, if you do not have at least a ½ tank go left into G-Ville for fuel. If you are good to go, go right heading to Redway.

In a couple hundred yards turn right onto Alderpoint Rd, heading towards Alderpoint and Harris. Your 1st right.

Drive roughly 8 miles, bear right onto Bell Springs Road, heading towards Harris. Drive 8 more miles (you will pass the Harris General Store on your right at about the 4-5 mile mark). Bear left onto Island Mt Road(uphill onto dirt road, not straight, going down hill. This is where most people make an error. If you go slightly downhill onto dirt you will see a gravel pit on your right, miss the gravel pit, look for an old crane on your right that looks like a dinosaur. See either then you went the wrong way. Either case, turn around and bear right going uphill).

Drive roughly 4 miles on dirt road, bear left onto Lauffer Rd, there is a cement slab at intersection with wood and an arrow pointing left.

Within a couple of hundred yards you will see the Heartwood parking lot on your right, drive on in. We usually have the gate locked, which you will see on right side of parking lot. Drive safe and it is suggested that you leave G-ville no later than 4pm(daylight hours that is). It is Mt. rd, twisty, turny, up, down, and single lane in places. Please use your turnouts when possible for local traffic to pass and keep to your side of the road.

Important - 20 miles = 45-60 minute drive from town.

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